March 19, 2014

Quote: This is About...

I saw this picture on my friend profile and asked her, "Ruthie, may I copy paste the picture?" She said, "Monggo" (in English: go ahead). The quote in this picture touched my heart, it's beautiful. Here is the picture and I will translate in English.

This is not about older, same age, or younger.
This is about balancing life and walking in togetherness.
This is about giving peace and comfort to your heart, and loving endlessly.
This is about laughing together, supporting and praying for each other.
This is about speaking freely on everything without thinking worthy or not.
When the world is so cruel, he/she is your place to go home.
Who can make you very patient and try to understand even it's difficult.

Such a beautiful quote as my final plea to you...
When everything is falling apart, remember this... I love you, always have, always will...

March 18, 2014

Prayer: A Prayer For You

I found this beautiful prayer in my friend page. I really think this is a beautiful prayer and with his permission, I post it in my blog. I pray this prayer for you too, my friends...

by Michel Yu

I pray,
that you will find a person who treats you right
that will accept you for who you are
that will not take you for granted
that will appreciate you as the Lord appreciates His creations

I pray,
that if it's "Thy will be done"
then let it be that God's will
is to grant you happiness
in this life and the next one in eternity

I pray,
that God will grant you understanding,
to know that God loves you very much,
that nothing in your life happens beyond His control

I pray,
that the Lord will reveal Himself in His ways
to let you know that His plan is perfect
and finally I pray,
that God will grant you patience,
as everything will be beautiful in His time.
March 17, 2014

Journey: Kuala Lumpur 2014

Along time ago as I opened a magazine, there was a post regarding travelling. In that post some people explained how the build their dream to go on vacation each year. How they save their money, how they get the VISA, how they enjoy their journey. I said to myself, I want to be able to go aboard once a year. Thanks be to God, I manage to fulfill that dream.

KL Skyline Night

My journey to Kuala Lumpur was my fourth time. Aren't you bored with the city already? Haha. I know everyone will ask me that. A bit bored but there are always new things to study and visit. 

There were several new places I visited in this trip, such as: Batu Caves, Pavilion Mall, and Central Market.
Batu Caves was always be in the schedule in previous visit, and I am glad that I finally have time to visit it. It's a Hindu shrine, a beautiful place indeed. I wish I could climb those 272 stairs, but was too tired to do so.
Pavilion Mall is like a another luxurious mall, but my aim was the fountain in front of it. A fountain of three cups, the trademark of the place. Beautiful art work! Central market is a place that sell various handicrafts. We can buy many things here, from T-shirt, Batik, and many souvenirs. 

This journey was actually a way to have a family holiday for me. I promised my parents to have this journey in January 2013, but I have to cancel it as my father passed away on December 2012. This trip is dedicated to you, Papa. I wish you are with me and mom visiting this country.
I love you so much, papa & mama.