April 27, 2010


For me, to sleep is the hardest thing to do. I remember my friend used to say that sleeping is an easy and favorite thing to do whenever they have time. In my office, I find many friends sleep during the lunch hour just by putting their head on the desk or sitting at the couch. Wow! So easy... I wish I can do that. I have a sleep disorder and so afraid that I might have insomnia. Sometimes in order to get a sleep, I drink a cold & flu drug or a sleeping pill. I know it is wrong, but I really need to sleep.

Recently, I read an article about FFI syndrome. FFI is fatal familial insomnia. The story is about a man at his 40, having a problem to sleep. The problem continues until he can not sleep at all, the brain just won't let him have it. The body was exhausted and the disease finally killed him. He died after 6 months from a complete lack of sleep.

According to Wikipedia, FFI is a very rare autosomal dominant inherited prion (mutated protein) disease of the brain. So far, it has affected 40 families around the world. This is a very fatal disease and inherited. If the parents has the gene, they have a 50% chance of inheriting it. Scary! The disease untraceable and ultimately fatal.

Fatal Familial Insomnia attacks between the ages of 30 and 60 years, with no apparent trigger that the sufferer can relate to. Patients have been known to survive for up to three years, gradually passing through four stages of illness:
  1. The onset of insomnia, creating panic attacks and unfounded phobias, lasting for four months.
  2. Severe insomnia, worsening panic attacks and hallucinations, lasting for five months.
  3. Complete insomnia and rapid weight loss, lasting for three months.
  4. Dementia and unresponsiveness, lasting for six months. FFI is eventually fatal.

    There is no cure or treatment for FFI. This prion disease is still shrouded in mystery, and sleeping pills only worsen the symptoms. However, there is hope that one day, Fatal Familial Insomnia will be controlled through gene therapy.

    Beware of it!


    April 22, 2010

    A House or Home


    These last few weeks I got home very late. I left at 9am and backed at 10 or 11pm, everyday! I love to be busy and enjoy each activity. Although tiring, I like to spend more time outside than at home.

    Wait! Is it wrong to feel more comfort outside? Well, that's what I feel for more than a year. My main reason is to avoid spending time with my parents. Being home with them around is disaster. Most of the time we argue, I dislike this kind of situation. I want to have a home not a house. A house is just a building, a place to go after work. But a home is a place where I can find comfort, happiness, and peace around my family. I couldn't find it at my current house, except on weekend when my parents not around.

    I always try to find after work activity, so I can get home very late at night. Directly take a shower afterward then off to sleep. At the morning I don't have enough time to spend as I rush to office. I know is not a good relationship and I wish to be able to repair it. But we have different perspective about many things in life, and it cause all the argument. They want the best for their children, they push us with a high level pressure while we just want a life according to our own standards not theirs. Whoa... Hope I can fulfill your wish, please help me God ^^...

    Right now, I want a home where I can feel secure, comfort, and happy. I miss to stay at home, to laugh and chat with light subject or to watch a movie together with the whole family. Let's build a better home...
    April 19, 2010

    Another Addiction

    This is weird. I have never felt so addicted like this before. Yes, as my previous entry, I still play "CAFE WORLD" and right now I'm playing another 2 online games. This is not good since I could not stop playing, whenever I have time and no one use the modem. The worst thing is... I play it at the office too, gee... I really have to stop playing.


    This is an old game. I used to play it but got tired of it because the game was too heavy for my PC. But then the office open the gate for this online game and I start to play again. My brother's laptop also supported for this game, with its minimum memory. Lucky me to have a helpful best friend, Nit2x, who I trust to play the game on my behalf. So every time I have a problem with my modem or laptop, I ask her to play.

    There is something funny, one day I asked my friend to play. As the game always give a free will to post our new achievement on our wall, she put my achievement on my wall. That day, I was sick and need to sleep early, skipped my choir practice. After the choir practice, my best friend, Blue Jasmine, opened the Facebook and saw my last activity. In the morning she asked me about it, was I played instead of getting a rest for my sick.

    About the game, is a farming game. It requires us to plant, grow and harvest our corps. Now, the game provide a special job with a great reward for the farmer. I learn to manage my money at this game... hihihi... ( since I have a bad financial situation in my real world).


    Actually, 2 online games are plenty and I thought I have enough. Until one day, one of my friend invited me to play "SOCIAL CITY". Like Farmville, the game is quite heavy. My PC at the office can not open it since it require the newest version of Mozilla Firefox. So, I asked my IT staff to install the new version.

    They said this game is similar to "SIM CITY", which I never play. One thing for sure, I love this game very much. I love to design, how do we called it... love to design layout of a house, and this game fulfill it. I can design my own city... hihihi... Love it very much!!!

    About the game, it's easy. All we need is to arrange a city, balance the population and the entertainment so they won't get bored... hihihi... The game also require us to work to earn money to build entertainment building. Here is my city, CIMO CITY. Again, I named it after my dog.

    OH NO!!!... I really need to quit playing, I play too much... Help me to quit!