April 19, 2013

Welcome, Ivander Ethan Aditya


Welcome to the world Ivander Ethan Aditya Batubara
Congratulation to Joshua Batubara & Imelda Dewi Saraswati for your baby boy

Thank you for using the name I chose for him, Imelda. 
Ivander means "a good man". 
Aditya means "the sun". 
When I choose that name "Ivander Aditya",
I wish your son will be a good man who will shine upon you and your family. 
Thank you also for choosing the date of his birth as I suggested - April 18, 2013.

Ivan, the Lord loves you so
God be with you as you grow
May you be blessed in every way
As you follow God each day
And may God keep you in watchful sight
From early morning through the night

The Lord bless you and keep you (Numbers 6:24)