December 31, 2011

There is You

There is someone next to me

I can feel an angel close by

There is you with me

My angel without wings...


Dedicated to: my BFF - you know who you are
December 28, 2011

New Gadget: Blackberry Storm 9550

Another evolution of my blackberry experience, this time I try blackberry Storm 9550. Well, this one actually not mine, but I have the privilege to use it. Thank you, AB!

I have some difficulty with this blackberry. I really love QWERTY keypad and slightly dislike touch screen.
My first problem with this one is the touch screen which actually is a click screen - meaning I really have to click it till the sound click and the screen completely press then the screen show the icon or character that I want. Second, I can't type quickly with this one. As a comparison, if I type a sentence, the others with qwerty keypad can type 2-3 sentences. I really don't like it. Third, the 3.2MP camera is not good enough, compare to my old Gemini. This problem may arouse since I didn't know the best way to set the camera or the image resulted by it. So, it's not completely the phone mistake.

This is an opinion from someone who dislike touch screen, probably not objective enough :-D. I will pick Dakota as a solution as it have touch screen and qwerty keypad in one phone. Hmm, who wants to give me Dakota??? :-D

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December 27, 2011

I am Waiting

We have started something impossible.
I am standing here, waiting for you.

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December 14, 2011

Promise Me You'll Try

Just had an argument with my love one and this song really fit my current situation.

by Jennifer Lopez

I know it's on your heart
That a love like ours shall never fall apart
You're so afraid of the rain
So I will take your hand
And I'll love you in the best way that I can
And I only expect the same

Don't promise me forever
Don't promise me the sun and sky
Don't pretend to know you'll never make me cry
Just hold me now
And promise me you'll try

Though I'm sure of what I feel
Never thought a love so true felt so unreal
And I'm a little afraid myself
But if you love me day by day
With an honest heart and just a little faith
Baby time will tell the tale

If you read this entry, I just want you to know that I only ask you to try...
December 12, 2011

New Gadget: Mini Speaker Nakamichi

I received an early Christmas gift this year. Quite shocking because the gift was from someone who never give a Christmas gift before. Actually not a surprise because I saw the gift first before he wraps it. When he handed my the gift, I already know what's inside. Here is my new gadget... a Nakamichi mini speaker.

Mine is a silver one. This gift is actually like a dream come true for me because I wanted to have MP3 player for such a long time. I really like this speaker, the voice is so clear, the bass is wonderful, great performance for mini speaker. This speaker can play from micro SD card. So I put my 512MB micro SD card which was belong to my Nokia. I am so pleased with this mini speaker, I always carry it around... even to the bathroom... LOL...

I recommend my reader to have it. Great value!

Thank you, AB!
December 05, 2011

No Period

The acupuncture treatment has ended and I still don't have the courage to go to the gynecologist. It has been 3 months since my last control while she told me to go back on September. Something unusual happened! I don't get my period last month, no pain in my tummy.

This is weird indeed. Hormonal therapy should last only for 30 days and my last Danazol was at the early week of September. But... I have 2 (two) times of period on mid-October. I was hoping to have it by the earliest or end of November. It's not happening.

I should go to the gynecologist, I should have the USG scan on my tummy. I used to be brave to face this disease. I always want to prove that acupuncture can heal it. But this time... I have no courage, I'm so afraid. What if this time the acupuncture didn't work?

"Jesus, I'm so afraid. I don't know how to handle this. I don't have the courage and I don't have the money. It's difficult, Jesus. But I'll praise You in this storm, Jesus... For You are my Savior, my Refuge. For You are my Strength, my Hope. May Your name be glorify now and forever." 

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