April 19, 2014

Lesson: Easter 2014

This year, I really celebrate Easter by myself with no family around. Actually I have a plan to celebrate Easter at my hometown but since I have a task to do in Church I rescheduled my trip. As mom already has a busy schedule in her community for Easter, she can't join me here.

Some years ago, I was chosen to be a Lector on Good Friday's mass. I was so excited to be trusted in such a big mass. But... that day, I have a massive stomach ache due my endometriosis, which made me unable to stand straight and walk. I cancelled the task in last minutes. I tried so hard to find a replacement and finally found one. I was so sad because unable to do this task.

Last month, I received a phone from the lector coordinator. She informed me that they elected me to be the Lector for Good Friday. I was surprised cause I already have ticket to go to hometown. I was confuse, at one side this task is like a redemption for my previous one, and at another side my mom will be alone. Difficult to decide... I finally choose to do the lector.

My task was for the first reading from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah 52:13-53:12. What a long reading! As I study every Friday and Sunday with the lector's tutor, I feel nervous to read this. How to get the audience full attention with such long reading? How to keep them from sleepy? I studied a lot. I learnt how to read it lively and gracefully.

The day has come for me to be Lector. I practiced since morning, the mass started at 2PM. I did it well even though the electricity sometimes off I tried to speak as loud as I could. I prayed that the electricity won't go off again after my turn. God hears me although the electricity went off again during the Gospel for several seconds.

Thank You, Lord, for giving me the opportunity to serve your people. Thank you to Mr. Agus (tutor) and Fanda (Lector Coordinator).

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